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We know greatness happens when you connect cultures, disciplines and global communities. We are and always will be about academic excellence, but we all have different interests to share. Whether you're interested in our research initiatives, our alumni achievements or attending the next event on campus, you'll find a new UOW social site to follow here.

Choose from our University of Wollongong pages to hear about our latest news and discoveries, or the one of the many specialist pages listed below.

We love it when you connect with us on social media, however please ensure that posts and comments are kept respectful and on topic. Check out our Social Media House Rules for more about our social media standards.


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Careers Central

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Community Engagement

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Innovation Campus

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Future Students

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Global Challenges

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OpenUOW (MOOCS and open-education)

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Prospective Staff

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Research and Innovation

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SMART Infrastructure Facility

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Sydney Business School

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UOW Student Life

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Wollongong Science Centre and Planetarium

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Workplace Health & Safety

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Last reviewed: 27 August, 2015