About UOWnow

About UOWnow

Inform - Celebrate - Connect

Throughout the year, UOW provides an amazing diversity of intellectual, recreational and cultural activities - on campus and off. However, discovering this information can sometimes prove difficult. To give students and staff a space to let everyone know what’s happening we have created UOWnow.

Now university events, activities, recorded lectures, newsletters and connections to social networking are all available in one spot. UOWnow is also home to UOWtv, an exciting initiative involving Journalism students and volunteers that creates a new portal to video production at UOW. Content from UOWnow will be available online and will be broadcast across the new campus wide digital signage network.

As a campus wide initiative, UOWnow relies on the participation and engagement of all units, faculties, students and clubs to reinvigorate communication around special events and activities provided here at UOW so please visit our contribution pages to find out more about how to get connected with UOWnow.

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Last reviewed: 28 November, 2013